The pattern is available at (or, this is a direct link). I asked a few people which version to attempt to try, because there were a couple of different things I didn’t know how to do to make these. General votes chose the pointed toe. Ok. Let’s try this.

The pattern is available on

After pulling the supplies from my stash, I sat down to learn how to do toe up socks.

First time attempting toe up socks

The pattern wasn’t difficult to follow, but I did need to pay attention. Before too long, I had the toe done. I delighted to see that that there was a slight curl upwards for the toe.  I wasn’t expecting it, but was pleased to see it.

There is a fair amount of color changes as the slipper and the striped socks are worked out. Again, paying attention really pays off. I only had to redo parts of this section a couple three times before I figured out what all was going on. Once I did, this went so much easier. However, I did botch the heel section. I’m ok with that, as I was still learning.

Starting the “sock” portion

The top of the “sock” and the rest of the slipper are made at the same time

By the time I was done with the slipper section, I was back into the familiar. The rest of the house sock was a snap to complete.

Top view

Side view

I suppose I really ought to consider finishing the second sock, eh? 😉