Sometimes, I get so wrapped up in making stuff for others that I forget to make stuff for me. (Like wool socks for winter) Then, there are times when I take the time to finish some projects that I’d started but set aside for whatever reason.

I started the gray socks as a mystery knit along, but set them aside because I didn’t want to do the embroidery work one of the steps called out for. Yes, I made both socks at the same time. I don’t knit two-at-a-time well, so this was my way of keeping track of each clue.

trying to figure out which was left and which was right

Why I needed to know the difference

Almost done


Woo hoo!

I’d decided, that one day, I didn’t want to work on quilts, but I wanted to sew something. This was the end result.

Sewing kit, front, folded

Folded, back

Inside, look at all the pockets! 😉

Outside, unfolded

I have a friend that wears an apron, which she’s smart enough to not let me swipe, at American Civil War reenactments. I’ve been wanting one for quite some time. I finally got off my shorts and made myself a version of her apron. Mine, however, has pockets!! (POCKETS!!)

Apron front

Apron back

Look!! Pockets!

Apron, back

Technically, these socks are not for me, but I made them. They were made as an appreciation gift for an actor who’s work I admire. I’d met him at one of the fan conventions, and he wasn’t wearing shoes. I’d noticed that one of the socks he was wearing had a small hole at the toes, and told him I’d make him a pair of socks. (The story’s more invoved than that, but that’s for me.)

Dress socks

Speaking of making things for me, but were actually for other people… I’d made “best friend” quilts for my best friend and I. She got one colorway, I got the other. We have matching quilts.

Her quilt

My quilt

I have quite a few other projects to post and write about, but this will give you an idea that I haven’t been non-productive. Far from it. But I’m working at getting myself caught up.

Thanks for being patient with me while I update everything.