I have a friend; her name is Paula Morrey. Paula designs a lot of her own projects. Most of what I’ve seen is based in pop culture. While her patterns seem simplistic with their delightful 8-bit design, there are varying levels of complexity with her execution of said designs.

Then few nights ago, she sent me an image of her next creation’s base pattern. I was tickled with the idea and asked if she minded if I used her base pattern. I had an idea. Her original plan was for this to be crocheted, I was curious to see how it’d turn out in fabric. After getting her permission, I promised to make sure she was given credit for the pattern I was about to use. I do not have permission to post her base pattern; nor will I ask for it.

The first thing I did, once I had time to really go over what she’d come up with, was decide what my overall finished project size would become. From there, it was a matter of accumulating the fabrics and start cutting. Paula’s layout was easy to follow and I’d hoped it wouldn’t take too long before I could start assembling the squares.

In one day, I had 600 squares assembled into 6 blocks. First block Second block Third block 4th block 5th block 6th block What you can’t see from the photos is that the red has a darker red all-over swirling design printed on it. The “white” is actually a white mini fern print on a cream/ivory background. Both ‘read’ or ‘look’ like solids until you get close enough to see the detail. The black has a 2″ metallic gold circle printed all over it. It’s the luck of the way I cut the fabric squares that allowed the weird design to show up.

The next day, rather than make 10 x 10 square blocks, I decided to do the last third of the design as one large rectangle. 10 rows of 30 columns of squares. It was at this point that I decided not to take any more photos until I had the main design done and assembled. Paula’s pattern turned into this design

Deadpool, as designed by Paula

Deadpool, as designed by Paula

This is where Paula’s design stops. I have a 60 1/2″ square design to add borders to before quilting and binding. Given what I have leftover for fabrics, I’m debating about putting a black narrow piping around this, and then add a 3″ or 4″ border.

I did add a 5″ border, but decided against the narrow piping. After quilting this, I wasn’t happy with how the border looked. I’ve since cut off the borders. I still have to add the binding and label to this quilt. I will update this post with pictures of the completed quilt at that time.