About three years or so ago, one of my closest friends gave me a bunch of her grandmother’s crochet cotton threads. At the time, I told her that I’d consider myself the ‘keeper’, but the threads weren’t mine. She’d get the threads back, but they’d most likely be used in a project for her. She agreed. The threads were stored until I could come up with something I thought would be ‘worthy’ of my friend’s grandmother and her grandmother’s skills.

Something my friend said, in one of our conversations just after Christmas, gave me an idea. I knew exactly what I was going to be doing and how I wanted it done. However, the thread I needed wasn’t among the supply I was given. No problem, I just went into my stash and pulled out what I’d need.

And so, I began construction of the multiple pieces the design required. 20150116_192713-1 On my Facebook page, there were a number of guesses as to what this was. One of my favorites was ‘door knob cozy’. Then, I began the next piece. 20150116_220010-1 It didn’t seem like much, but it’d eventually turn into this. 20150117_235159 I had a couple more pieces to make before I could start forming and shaping them into viable parts. 20150118_113410-1

The next step was to stiffen the threads. 20150119_125928 20150119_125844 20150119_131908

While those were drying, I still had a couple of non-crocheted pieces to make and prepare. 20150119_133624

By the time all of the pieces were dried, it’d be a little while before I’d get back to doing the final assemblies. I still needed to pick up some of the detail parts I wanted. Since I was changing the pattern a bit, there were things that needed to be done to accommodate this. 20150215_072257 This is probably one of my most favorite photos from this project: 20150215_072103

The top view, where I made the biggest changes. 20150215_072333

Back view: 20150215_072050-1

And the finished piece: 20150215_072132-1

She stands about 12 inches tall, with her skirt folded out like that.

Oh, and as for why “Marie”? That’s the name of my friend’s grandmother. I just so happens to, also, be the name of the base pattern I used.