My hometown celebrates Norway’s Constitution Day every year. Many people dress up in Norwegian ethnic costumes for the weekend festivities. As things go, there are “generic” versions made. This so happens to be one of those for a little man.

As with most things, I started with a simple infant’s pattern. It was cute to see little clothes require little pieces. DN 01

I started with the shirt. Please note: The ruler on the shirt is a 6 inch hem gauge. I hadn’t made the button holes, nor sewn on the buttons at this time. DN 02

I noticed I was having some issues maintaining the tension with my sewing machine, so I pulled up a spare machine and moved on to the little red vest. This was going together MUCH better! Right up until the last button. I’d been sewing the buttons on by machine, as it goes quicker. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the button lined up quite right. DN 03

By now, I knew it was time to stop. Two machines down. I did hand-sew the last button on, once I picked up replacements.  DN 04

I liked how well the pieces were actually going together – even with the setbacks I was having.

The next day, I went back to work on the shirt. The button holes went in quickly. Plus, I pulled out all of the top-stitiching and redid it. A few minutes spent chatting on the phone with a friend meant hand-sewing the buttons on went quickly.

The last item up were the little shorts. The photo below shows all of the completed pieces. DN 05

As for how the pieces look assembled: DN 06

I purposely did not use any interfacing in the shirt or the vest. The little man that would be wearing this outfit is 4 months old. The idea is to keep him comfortable while he’s wearing his little suit.

The little man wearing his new suit (as held by his mother): DN 07