A friend of mine sent me a link to a crocheted chicken potholders pattern. The link is here. It’s a video, a little over 21 and a half minutes long. As far as I know, there’s no written pattern. I watched the video and wrote out my own pattern. As this is not my own design, my copy of the written instructions are not available.

I’ll admit it – I was curious as to how big the finished piece would be.  I started measuring each step as I went along. 20151007_150621

I did notice one particular thing I wanted to modify. I wasn’t too pleased with the single layer for the body, given the height of the stitches used. I don’t know about you, but I’d be concerned with my finger tips sliding in between the stitches and coming into contact with a hot handle or a hot pot. My solution was to make a second body, and then crochet the two pieces together – treating them as one, when I continued on with the design.

I was definitely a lot happier with the added layer. I still maintained the original look and had the extra protection from the heat. 20151007_193410


The pattern goes together quickly – even with making the extra body piece. 20151008_075710-1

You can have a lot of fun matching colors of yarn to your kitchen or just goofing around with whatever cotton yarns you happen to have. I had a lot of fun trying to come up with yarn ideas for what chickens my grandmother used to have. The friend that asked about these potholders asked if I’d make sure to include one of a dark brown. *nods* I can do that. 20151014_154002-1

By the time I was finished with these, another friend had asked for six in the dark brown and one gray. *nods* Totally doable. 20151014_153908-1

I’d created a whole flock of chickens!! They’re cute. They’re easy to make. They’re, also, a bit of fun. However, after making 11 of them, I’m about chickened out.