There are times when it’s fun to make Little People things. It’s even better when I know the parents will enjoy the gifts that are given.

It started out in the fabric store, when I was shopping with a friend. I knew I wanted to makeĀ something for my new niece or nephew. I was skimming through the pattern books, when I came across a fairly all inclusive pattern. It had hats, baby booties, mittens, sleep sacks, sleepers, blankets, bibs, etc. I’m a big fan of baby sleep sacks, so I bought the pattern.

Looking at the fabric requirements, and knowing the pending parents, my friend and I set off to find fabric that would work. I pulled out this blaze orange polar fleece and showed my friend. Her response? “You wouldn’t dare make that for a baby.” Uh, yes I would. That sealed the fate for that particular project. Blaze orange it is.

Sleep sack - baby shower gift

I purposely made it in a newborn size, as the child is expected to be born in December. The pattern comes with other sizes, but those can be made at a later time, should the parents want more.

Knowing that the father likes to wear Converse sneakers, I found a pattern to make baby booties. The mother, once she saw how the blue ones turned out, asked if I’d consider making another pair, to match the dad’s. *laughs* If she could find the right color crochet cotton thread, I’d be happy to. Less than 15 minutes later, she had the color.

The original:

Converse sneakers

My versions:

Baby booties - baby shower gift

Again, in newborn size. I didn’t check to see if I had a baby bootie pattern for a larger size. That may come later.

Given that I believe all babies should have their own quilt, I set about making one. Well, that turned into three. It’s not quite the seven I’d planned for. However, Christmas IS coming. The rest may turn into “Welcome Baby” gifts.

Carseat quilt - baby shower gift
Finished size: 32 inches x 27 1/2 inches
Cotton fabrics
Cotton/wool batting
Machine tacked

Carpenter star - baby shower gift
Finished size: approximately 49 1/2 inches square
Cotton fabrics
Cotton/wool batting
Machine tacked

Monkey quilt - baby shower gift
Finished size: approximately 51 1/2 inches x 40 1/4 inches
Cotton fabrics; cotton flannel backing
Cotton/wool batting
Machine tacked

Because, sometimes it’s fun to make cute things.