Do you ever get tired/bored of making things?

Wow. That’s a doozy of a question. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to answer that. The honest answer is yes AND no.

– In that if I’m making a series of the same item over and over again, my brain has a tendency to wander off and think of other things.
– In that if I’ve been working in the same craft for an extended length of time.
– In that if I’m working in the same color schemes, also for an extended length of time.

– I don’t know how NOT to be working on something. Sitting idle is distasteful to me, and seems like a waste of time.
– Given the amount of ideas my brain comes up with, and those of the people around me, there’s no loss for creative suggestions and input.
– I have a decent amount of skill sets to work with, and try to keep things diversified.
– I try to keep teaching myself new ways to expand on said skill sets.
– The fiber industries are constantly changing what they’re coming out with; I like to experiment with the new things, too.

I’m not saying I don’t take a break from something every now and again, because I do. I have to. You can only draw so much energy before you start to wear down and drain out. Being able to shift gears, focus on a different craft/idea, is a way for me to recharge.

Truth be told, there are times when I take a step back from working with any of the fiber arts. It gives me the space and time I need/want to figure out what, and where, I want to go next. *wry grin* This is usually about the time that I start looking forĀ moreĀ projects to work on. Then, I get out my supplies and dig in.