Who or what inspires you?

*blinks* Uhh… That’s really hard to explain, as there are a variety of factors at play. *searches for the right words*

– My friends, family, and acquaintances
– People who’ve created things I admire

Let’s start with my friends. So many of the people I know are very creative. They may not always realize how creative they are; they just are. They accept their creativity as a natural part of who they are – like breathing. It’s just what they do. The intensity they’re willing to apply to what they’re doing… that varies from person to person.

If you only knew how much my family is a part of the things I make. I come by the skill sets I have naturally. Meaning, I’ve inherited most of them. My mother knits, does all sorts of needlework, and taught me how to sew. My grandmothers, respectively, did a wide variety of needle arts. My sister is an accomplished seamstress, crocheter, and does a variety of other needlework. My father used to own his own upholstery business. So, thinking about fibers – in a variety of ways and styles – is all but second nature to me. I really don’t think I’d know as much about working with fibers if it wasn’t for my family.

You’d be surprised by how much an acquaintance may influence some of the things I make. It may be a random idea, a random technique, or a random thought. Heck, I’ve had long conversations with a stranger in the grocery store checkout line that have given me something to think about/try.

Creative people almost always get my brain working. Especially those that have given me something to think about. For example, a painting/picture/image that forces a response will make me focus on it – trying to figure out why I reacted the way I did. It’s not unusual for me to look at these images over and over again, until I’ve figured it out. (Sometimes, even more so thereafter.)

To be brutally blunt, there are way too many things that inspire me to list here. Plus, it isn’t just one thing or another. Sometimes, it’s a chain of events or a series of things. This is the most varied of what you’re asking. Heck, there are more times than I care to count, of “You wouldn’t dare…”, and then I dared. *laughs at self*

Inspiration comes from all around me, from a variety of sources. It’s whether or not I’m willing to act on that inspiration that caused a lot of things to be made or ignored. Let’s face it, it’s not always a good idea to do what your brain comes up with.